• makeupbyshay7

Anti-Wrinkle & Brightening Treatment

Are you looking for immediate anti-wrinkle effects from a reliable product? Look no further, because The Revitalift Bright Reveal Peal Pads by Loreal are a dermatologist inspired anti-wrinkle plus brightening treatment. I purchased the pads about three months ago and I can genuinely see a difference in my skin. I use these nightly after my skin cleaning routine. I feel a slight tingle but no more than I felt with other products containing glycolic acid and other vey effective anti-aging ingredients. The peel pads do a great job of sloughing off old skin and revealing fresh skin. It also has smoothed out the fine lines and boosted the radiance of my skin- exactly what It says It will do.It helps dissolve and exfoliate the dead skin cells, removing unwanted texture, so that when you apply your serums and moisturizers afterwards they seep into your skin deeper and more effectively.Get the most out of this product and really target your expression lines, wrinkles and places makeup can look patchy on your skin! Plus, they are super easy to use, you open and wipe your face - can't get any easier than that! I would absolutely recommend to use these every evening to brighten and tone any skin type.